Injured in Iran

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Injured in Iran

A young soldier was alone in sick bay due to an accident in combat. Being a typical male with endless hours to daydream he was becoming quite horny. Because of the lack of privacy in the ward, he hadn?t even been able to jerk off for fear of being caught. After several days he couldnt take it any longer, so he looked around, saw no one, and seized the opportunity.

Suddenly, his rather attractive nurse walked in. "So how is my patient doing?" she asked in a /sweet/">sweet, and comforting tone. Embarrassed, he tensed at being caught, began to blush, and nodded his head in shame."You look a little bit pale, I think you need another examination" the nurse exclaimed. She stood next to the bed, checking his pulse and blood pressure. "That doesnt look too good," she said. "Your heart rate is below normal, I think you have been dormant too long. You need special treatment." She smiled as she slid her hand under the blanket, covering his hand that was still resting on his rock-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.

Her gentle fingers caressed his shaft. Looking into his intense eyes she started to jerk him off. To his /surprise/">surprise she unzipped her blue nurse uniform. The soft curves of her cleavage excited him, and he began to massage her DD?s. Still massaging his rock hard cock, she slowly finished removing her top. She then removed the rest of her uniform, tossing it to him piece by piece. She did a quick twirl so that he could admire her body, and then she slowly approached him. He was startled when she pulled the blanket to one side uncovering his body. Without a word the nurse leaned over the bed and began to lick the pre-cum off of the sexy soldier?s rock hard cock.

Her warm tongue felt so good. He laid back, moaned, and enjoyed the much needed stimulation. She began circling the head of his penis with her tongue and after a short tease she began to force more of his massive cock in her warm, wet mouth. The sight of her /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass in his face excited him even more and he couldn?t resist.

He began massaging her, and she too began to get excited. Her clit began to swell with anticipation, and the soldier finger-fucked her as she continued to go down on him. She moaned loudly, and enjoyed feeling his large fingers penetrate her. As the anticipation grew stronger she was overcome with the desire to feel his massive cock deep inside of her.

She turned around, and while gliding her body against his, she straddled him. She laid chest to chest with her sexy military man and began to kiss him passionately. She nibbled at his ear, and his neck, and then kissed him again. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him close as she slid her throbbing pussy down onto his massive white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie dick.

The sexually deprived soldier groaned as he forced himself deep inside of her. The /nurse/naughty-nurse/">naughty nurse pulled herself off of him and dropped to her knees. She grabbed her soldier and pulled him into position behind her, and begged him to penetrate her from behind. He gladly took her up on her offer. He enjoyed the view of her ass as she slammed her body back to push his dick deeper inside of her.

Just before he lost it she pulled her body away from his, determined to make the session last. The nurse maneuvered the hospital bed into an upright position, and shoved her soldier against the mattress. She climbed back on top of him, while maintaining deep eye contact, and slowly slid his cock inside of her.

She continued stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv this motion for a while, occasionally letting his hard cock slip out to rub her clit, and then shoving him back inside of her. She pulled him deep inside of her and rolled so that he would be on top. She rested her legs on his shoulders for maximum penetration, and begged him to fuck her as hard as he could.

She began to massage her clit as the soldier pumped his /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard inside of her. The nurse began to squirm, and moan with pleasure. The sight of her climaxing gave the soldier all that he needed and he began to cum as well. They both moaned as they pushed their bodies together a few more times, eager to get every ounce of satisfaction.

The nurse climbs back off of the bed and lowers it back into a reclining position. She then begins to get dressed. She leans over and passionately kisses him once more as she whispers ?Your heart rate is fine now, I had better check back later.? Bewildered about the bizarre turn of events all the soldier was able to mumble was ?I will be waiting.? Before exiting the room she turned to him and said ?I sure hope so,? with a wink. .