Southern Kinfolk Part 3

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Southern Kinfolk Part 3

Sonja insisted on going for the marriage license the very nest day. Her parents arrived at the town hall and signed her away. She held on to that piece of paper like it was made of gold. The wedding was set for the Saturday after next. Her parents would arrange for a hall next to the church for the reception.

It was a difficult time for me, despite the fact that Sonja had known all along what was going on in our house, I felt uneasy about Pauls sexual behavior. Strangely, Sonja didnt seem to mind. She watched with interest while Paul had sex with Sona or Honeybee, spanking Sona before and after. I insisted, much to Sonjas disappointment that she kept her clothes on during the day, even her panties.

The second night after listening to Sona get her spankings Sonja asked: "Why dont you spank me Sean, when we have sex?"

"We dont have sex yet," I answered. "Maybe after were married."

"But honey, we do have some kind of sex and Ah likes to get whooped in a loving way like that."


"It makes like belonging; he dont do it really hard like. Please Sean?"

"I said after were married Sonja."

"Oh alright then ... you think Honeybee could teach me to suck you off?" Honeybee had just settled on our mattress after toweling Paul and Sona. She looked at me, eagerly nodding her head at Sonjas suggestion.

I shook my head, "that would be like sexual intercourse, not until after the wedding."

"Oh Sean," she pouted and kissed me. "Pretty please, youd like to show me wouldnt you Honeybee?"

"Ah wants Missy, if Massa say Ah do." Honeybee replied, looking at me hopefully.

"Come on Sean please, Ah dont got no cherry in here." She pursed her lips sucking on one finger, giving me a seductive look. 

"Well alright," I said. "I supposed youre right about that " Honeybee moved in between my thighs and began fingering my genitals. Sonja got on her knees to one side watching her.

"Ah do like this Missy," she used her fingers to tickle under my bag while frigging my rod with her other hand "Look Missy, Massa get hard now."

"Ah want to try that Honeybee." Sonja impatiently pushed her hands away and grasped my rod, squeezing my balls, causing me to cry out. " Oh Sean, what did Ah do? Ahs sorry."

"Missy wants be gentle with them there balls, thems tender." She took Sonas hand and tickled her palm with her fingertips. "Ah do soft like Missy; you know like tickle-tickle." Sonja tried it again, watching my face. I closed my eyes and enjoyed my future wife being instructed in that fine art. " Now Missy, we pulls back skin like that." I opened my eyes a bit watching Sonjas face. "Nice mushroom ma Massa got; Ah licks it now." She swirled her tongue around my knob for a minute, while Sonja watched intensely, still fondling my balls carefully. "Missy try now, lick like ice cream cone." 

Sonja copied her licking gingerly. Honeybee looked up at me, nodding encouragingly. "Now Missy, Ah shows you suck, like this." Sonja sat up, still cradling my balls and watched as Honeybee sucked. Her lips stroked my entire rod as usual for a minute and then she sat up. "Missy try now." Sonja swallowed the whole thing and then sat up choking. "Oh Missy not all da /first-time/">first time, just easy like. Gets air by da nose, slowly like." Sonja took a few deep breaths and tried again swallowing only my knob moving her head up and down slowly. "Oh good Missy, bit faster now. Good Missy, suck harder, good Missy." I felt the pressure building up despite her inexperience or maybe because of it and decided not to warn her. I blew on the down stroke, filling her throat. She choked and pulled away, getting a second spurt on her face. She sat up startled, while Honeybee quickly swallowed my rod finishing me off. She then grasped a towel for cleaning Sonjas face.

"No Honeybee," I interrupted," you lick her face clean." She stood up as Sonja sat on her knees and licked my cum of her face. She then used the towel to dry her. Sonja then got down next to me and cuddled up.

"Oh honey, she murmured, "Ah aint so good about that but Ah will be, youll see."

"You better not be good at it right now but you have a good /teacher/">teacher." She looked at Honeybee on her knees at our feet.

"Could she do me now, Ahs got that feeling?" Sonja cooed in my ear.


"Why honey?"

"Because I want to watch you do it yourself; youve done that before havent you?"

"Well yes ... honey but youre here ... and Honeybee too." 

"I want to see you do it," Paul had told Sona to sometimes and Id always wondered why; now suddenly the idea appealed to me. "Honeybee you do it too, Straddle Sonjas hips."

"Yes Massa," she eagerly spread her legs over Sonja as they began masturbating, her pussy just over Sonjas. Honeybee climaxed quickly while Sonjas seemed to be making a halfhearted effort. I cuddled up to her, kissing her passionately while fondling her breasts. She finally came, groaning in my mouth. Then I told Honeybee, who was trying for a second climax, to stop and lick her own and Sonjas fingers.

Sonja watched Honeybee as she worked her wet towel on various body parts, including her own. Honeybee appeared agitated, which was a sign of her not being completely satisfied yet.

"Look honey," Sonja coed, "little Honeybees still horny. Aint you Honeybee?" Honeybee shrugged busying herself; carefully wiping Sonjas pussy. "Ah wants to see you fuck her honey, please?" I had avoided doing that, since deciding not to do it with Sonja until after the wedding and I was surprised she would suggest it. Honeybee looked at me breathlessly awaiting my reply.

"You really think we should Sonja, after all..." she closed my mouth with a kiss.

"Yes Sean, Ah knows you done it before; Ah wants to see you do it." I nodded at Honeybee and she moved into position. Seems that Auntie had told Sonja everything. I clasped her black cheeks as she impaled herself and began bouncing up and down. Sonja watched for a minute and then alternately kissed me passionately and rubbed her breasts in my face until I blew my load.

Every night after that Sonja practiced her oral skill on me, eagerly supervised by Honeybee. She was determined indian santali xvideo to swallow the whole thing without choking and was able to do so within a week. She loved to watch honeybee bouncing up and down on my rod, while she hugged and kissed me.

She spent the last night before the wedding with her parents, in order to prepare for alain lyle porn the wedding. That was only proper she said. The next time I would see her was at the altar. 

It was strange to see everyone dressed up, particularly Paul in his rented tux. Sonjas wedding dress was handed down from her grandmother and she looked like a goddess as she came down the aisle. I felt like a god myself when she said "Ah do," her face glowing with adoration. At that movement I thought of auntie, how right shed been. When I was told to kiss the bride, time stood still. I was informed later that some of the congregation began to chuckle while some applauded. Paul, being my best man finally tapped me on the shoulder, to some booing from the crowd and we reluctantly parted lips.