How wonderful to get caught

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
How wonderful to get caught

Panties, Panties and more panties. That is all I thought of during my summer vacation. My sister used to get a Victories Secret Catalog and I would spend hours in my bedroom jacking off with a pair of panties to all the pretty pictures. At the mall I would go by the lingerie section just to see the panties hanging off the rack. I would imagine myself slipping into the sexiest pair and playing with myself. 

I was 18 and high school had just let out for the summer when my neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Adams asked me to please come over and let their dog Jack out. Both of them were in there early 30?s and I had always had a crush on Mrs. Adams. She dressed soooo sexy all the time and was always /sweet/">sweet to me. I was happy to oblige as I had always wanted to get into Mrs. Adams panty drawer. I was dying to see what treats she had hidden away.

On my first day over, I let Jack out into the backyard and made a bee line for the /master/">master bedroom, I began my hunt in Ernest and there three drawer down was Mrs. Adams naughty drawer. She had the /lingerie/best-lingerie/">best lingerie I had ever seen! She wore string bikini panties, and thongs. She had /cute/">cute lacy teddies and bras. I was in heaven!! The first day I took all her panties, laid them on her bed and masturbated on top of them. I was careful not to get my young cum on any of them and shot load after load of my seaman all over myself. The second day I spent trying them on. I love the feel of a pair of panties when you first step in them, as they slide up your legs and over your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. One special purple pair came home with me so I could wear them to bed each night.

This went on everyday for awhile. On one particular day I decide to dress up in her panties, stockings and a short silk top. I looked at myself and had to say that I looked quite cute. Just has I was walking back to the bedroom after prancing about the house Mr. Adams open the front door and standing in front of him was his18 year old neighbor dressed head to toe in his wives most intimate lingerie. I froze, knowing my secret had been exposed and that my days of dressing up in his house had come to an end, or at least I thought so. I ran to the bedroom not knowing what to do. As I was trying to take off the stockings Mr. Adams came in and told me to stop. 

He ordered me to put them back on. I had no idea what he was going to do, tell my parents, expose me to my friends. Instead he took a digital camera and took a picture of me and smiled. ?This will be our secret ok?? I nodded not knowing what to do. With that he asked for me to get up and show off my new outfit, he wanted to see how it looked on me. I trembled as I got up pulled my panties straight in the back and did a couple of turns for him. Mr. Adams was very pleased as he had me model more for him; I did a lot of bending over in front of him as he felt my girlie panties. It ended with me sitting on his lap in just my panties and top. H e remarked how cute I was and wanted to know if I would still like to come over and play in his wife?s pretty stuff from time to time that he would love to see me try on her other things and maybe get some of my own. 

A dream come true I thought and agreed. Mr. Adams seemed very happy as I felt his hand go up my thigh and on my young panty covered cock. It sent tingles up my spine and felt so good. He continued to rub and caress me, kissing my shoulder and my neck. porn videos download My young cock grew hard as I felt him getting hard too. With that Mr. Adams lifted me up and placed me on the bed, telling me how beautiful I was, how he wanted me to dress like this everyday for him. I could only nod in agreement as my head was spinning. Mr. Adams continued kissing me all over slowly going down my tummy and kissing my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick through the panties. It felt soo good as he slipped both his hand under my butt and massaged them with my panties on. He then slowly pulled my cock out and started nibbling on it, kissing it teasing me, driving me insane. I had never had a blow job in all my life and wanted Mr. Adams to be my first. I pushed my young panty cock up to him and he engulfed every inch, sucking me and licking me at the same time. 

He was a pro and within a xxx very short time, my toes curled and I screamed out in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as I shot my load into his waiting mouth. He never moved and swallowed everything. When he finished I had no idea that he had taken his pants down and as naked. I could feel his hard cock as he made his way back up to kiss me. I spread my legs as he dry humped me and could feel his hard-on against my panties, knowing I was going to be his. He lifted me up and placed my hand around his cock. I began pumping it up and down, over and over as he placed his hand under my butt and began rubbing my sweet spot... With his other hand he put it on the back of my head and slowly brought me down to his waiting cock. I placed it in my mouth and sucked him for all I was worth. He was so hard and I could taste his pre-cum but did not stop for a second, as he continued to rub my ass harder and harder. 

After awhile he pulled me off his wet dick, kissed me and laid me on the bed with my panty coved ass facing him. I could feel him pull the soft material to the side, the feel of the cold lube and then I felt the head of cock enter me. He was very gentle rocking back and forth telling me what a /cute/cute-girl/">cute girl I was and if I was enjoying it. Of course I was and pushed back onto his hard candy more and more. He never got all the way in that time before pulling out and spraying /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum all over my back and panties. He scoped up some of his cum and placed it into my mouth for me to taste. It was my /first-time/">first time tasting another mans cum and it tasted so sweet and salty. We finished off by cleaning me up and changing me into a pair of his wife?s baby blue string bikini panties. Once more Mr. Adams went down to suck me dry, and after filling his mouth kissed me goodbye. Tomorrow he said he was coming home early just to see me. I need to think of a pretty outfit to wear for him.