My life as a Teenage Stud Pt1

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My life as a Teenage Stud Pt1

Note : This story is complete fictional! Never try to do it in real live!!!

Ever since I realized I was much larger than boys my own age in the cock department, I developed an exhibitionist tendendy. /cock/huge-cock/my-huge-cock/">my huge cock gave me the confidence I needed to fulfill my sexual fantasies.Even though I was still a virgin at age 13, I would not hesitate to parade in speedos in front of my mother and sister in our backyard where we had a nice pool. Of course, the massive bulge in my swimming trunks was unmistakable and I reveled in the constant glances that my beautiful mother would throw at my crotch. She also kept complimenting me about how tall and muscular I was getting, which only encouraged me to exercize even more. After a little more than a couple of years of two hours a day of training, I had developed a six-pack abdomen at age 13 ! I also had a nicely chiseled chest and bulging arms that would have made an adult body-builder proud. And of course, there was my cock, I think I hit puberty at age 7 or 8, because I remember that I already had a ballsack and my penis would get hard all the time. The /first-time/">first time I measured my cock was when my cousin Mike came to visit us. He was 15 and I was 10 and he kept staring at my huge bulge while we were swimming in the backyard. I could tell I was already way bigger than him and that made me really proud. I had to concentrate hard not to get erect from just thinking about how much bigger I was than him, eventhough he was five years my senior. Eventually, one morning after we had come out of the pool and we were lying on the long chairs, Mike turned to me and, pointing at my crotch, said :

? I must say Timmy, you have the biggest bulge Ive ever since on a kid. Now, dont get me wrong, but I am fascinated by it. How big is it exactly ? ?

I nearly got an instant /erection/">erection from hearing him talk like that. Ever since that day, I just love to hear when people say I have a huge, massive cock. 

? I dont know. Whats the normal size for a dick ? ?, I replied. At that time, I said ? dick ? because it was the only word I knew for a penis. I later found out, mostly from others talking about my giant cock, how there are many ways to describe the male organ, especially one as big as mine.

? About five to six inches, but thats for an erect adult penis. Does your dick ever get hard ? ?, he asked.

? Sure, especially when I see a girl with huge boobies, I just get hard and my dick hurts me sometimes ?. Again I used ? boobies ? but later found out about the many ways to describe them.

? Do you want me to show you how to measure your dick so you will know how big your are compared to the average ? ?

Now, at age 10, I had just started masturbating, mostly thinking about /hot/hot-moms/my-hot-mom/">my hot mom, who was the best looking woman I had ever seen. But this just blew my mind. Measuring my cock, so that I would know exactly how big I was ! My cock twitched in my trunks, as blood rushed to fill its angry plum-sized purple head. ? Okay ?, I just said, out of excitement.

? Now, we need a tape measure. Ill go and get one from the toolshed. Just stay there. Since your mother and sister are gone for the morning, it should be fine to measure our cocks here. ?, he stood up and walked over to the tool shed. Wow, I had just heard a new name for my dick. And he was going to measure HIS dick too so I would see how much bigger I was than him. When he came back, I was half-erect and my cock bulged obscenely from my speedos, actually pushing the fabric so much that I was afraid it might break. Mike saw that and said :

? My God Timmy, youre about to break your trunks, youd better step out of them. Dont be afraid, Ill do it too. ? and with that, he pulled his shorts down and I saw his dick. Now I had only seen cocks on boys my own age before from showering together at the school /gym/">gym and Mike was the biggest one I had seen so far. That is, apart from mine. I quickly removed my trunks, and out plopped my semi-erect, huge dong. Mike was in awe, as it was clear I was already over twice as long as his soft cock. We both started getting hard real quick. I was just running both my hands along my hefty meat and watching it grow bigger and bigger. Mike was doing the same, but he could only use one hand on his much smaller cock, and I think, he was watching me masturbating rather than himself. Mike took hold of the measuring tape and placed one end against his pubic bone. He unrolled the tape and read out loud ? Seven inches in length. Now lets measure the girth. ? I didnt know what he was talking about but it really excited me and I was frantically jacking off my rock-hard massive cock while he was taking his own measurements. He then rolled the tape around his shaft, roughly around the midpoint and annoucend : ? and a little over five inches around. Now, your turn. ? He then handed me the tape. My hands were trembling with excitement as I placed the tape over my shaft and unrolled it to the very end of my bloated cockhead.
? Eleven inches ! ?, I said proudly. ? And seven and a half inches around ?.

? Wow, Timmy, youre gigantic. Ive never even heard of a dick that big ? , he exclaimed. ? Have you ever jacked your dick off till white cream came out ? ?, he 
asked, inquisitively. Of course, I xxx sex video download free com had done that many times, as soon as I had discovered how much pleasure I would get from doing it.

? Yeah, lets shoot our stuff out ! ?, I said excitedly.

? Okay, lets see who can shoot the furthest. Ill stand here behind this tile line and shoot my cum as far as possible, then itll be your turn. ?

And we both started jacking off like /crazy/">crazy, oblivious to the fact that a neighbour might see us. Eventually, after about five or ten minutes of masturbating, Mike groaned and said he was ready. I watched as his cockhead puffed up and then a white stream of sperm started shooting out of his tip onto the tile floor in front of him. He must have reached about a yard with the second jet, which was stronger than the first one. After about ten seconds, he was done but he was still puffing and blowing and fisting his slowly deflating cock. I sexxxx video ful hd knew I was about to come too so I pushed him aside and jerked my huge shaft with both hands. I had developed quite a technique, since my dick was too large to encircle with one hand. I would grab hold of the base from underneath with one hand while the other hand held the shaft just beneath the head from above. I would then whack off in a circular up-and-down motion. I felt my /balls/big-balls/">big balls tighten and lift themselves up as I pumped my /fat/">fat rod with wild abandon. Suddenly, a ten-inch streamer, as thick as a pencil, came gushing out of my tip. Mike was in awe at the volume of sperm I was able to produce in a single jet. That first volcanic gusher reached about two yards in front of me. It was quickly followed by another, equally voluminous but more powerful jet that must have gone at least four yards ! I was going crazy with lust as more and more jets of come kept spewing out, reaching several yards every time. After six of seven spurts, my eyes nearly blanked out from the force of my orgasm but I was still going, eventhough the jets were less powerful. Even so, my twelth and final spray was more copious than Mikes whole load and reached further. Mike looked at me, dumbfounded. For myself, I was feeling a bit dizzy, due to the sudden rush of extra blood to my mammoth penis during my orgasm. This problem would later disappear as I build up my muscular mass to accomodate the blood need 
of my expanding piece of manmeat. Mike also told me how to increase my size through jelqing, as he said he had gained half inch in a year from that practice. 

From that day on, I would adhere to a strict new regimen in order to increase my potency even more. I know I must sound really self-centered but I just love having such a /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick and big muscles. By age thirteen, I had gained over three inches in length and nearly a couple of inches in girth. Incredibly, the volume of my ejaculations increased spectacularly such that I was able to erupt around twenty massive jets nearly every time, even after several sessions in a row. I also spent most of my evenings in our basement gym, which is where I lost my virginity to my ultra-buxom mum. Ill tell you all about it if you are interested.